New Challenges

During the last few weeks I have been trying to actively rest and recover from the 50 mile challenge due to the fact I had a suspected stress fracture in my left foot.

Fortunately I have returned to training this week and over the coming weeks look to bump up the mileage and perhaps book in a couple of events.

During this time I have constantly thought to myself what am I going to do next year??

Although I haven't decided definitively yet what I want to do the idea of a race longer than my first ultra is strongly weighing on my mind.

The race in question is the 85 mile Ridgeway Ultra Challenge. Heard really good things about it this year so it may well feature next year once I get my head around it.

Also under consideration are taking part in other ultra races in the early part of the year (Tring2Town) and possibly some marathons over the coming months. Hopefully I will get a place in London Marathon but if I don't there is plenty of other races to do instead.

That's all for