Back in the saddle

Well the week is almost up and I am feeling back to where I should be once again and have been enjoying some great runs during the last couple of weeks. I also managed to break the 1,000 mile mark for this year and although not a big number I am pleased that I have reached this total so far and it's still going upwards.

Although weekly mileage has been low compared to pre July I will be looking to take the mileage back to where it was (50+ miles) by the end of September and see whether this can be pushed further up.I definitely was stuck in a rut shortly after Grimsthorpe but things are looking good now and the running express train is moving forward with ever increasing speed. I have also added some great core and upper body exercises involving abs, lower back, glutes, hamstrings, hips, etc. Definitely feel I can improve in this an area I didn't do too much work on during the first half of this year and this should definitely help my overall strength and running posture over the course of the long term.


On the racing side of things I haven't booked anything yet for the remainder of this year however I have had a few running buddies ask me if I fancied another race before the year is out and I might just do that. However the only half-solid plan at the moment is to go to the Lake District at the end of October to enjoy a whole day running up there with a couple of running buddies. This is something I missed out on during the summer when I pulled out of the Lakeland 50 event so I cannot wait to get the opportunity to do this.


Despite the year not being over yet my 2011 plans however are really shaping up already and I can now confirm that I will be attempting the Bob Graham Round in June next year plus a whole host of other races / challenges. Although a long time away I am not underestimating the challenge involved here as the BGR really is one tough cookie, 42 summits, 27,000 ft climbing, self-navigated and all to be completed within 24 hrs. I will cover this in a future post but it thrills me to think I will be getting the opportunity to do this next year. If you are not familiar with this then check out this great website - Bob Graham Round. More on this and the 2011 schedule later.


My goal for this week is to finish up with around 40 miles or so and gradually increase that to around 50-55 over the next two weeks. The main focus is to keep getting those quality running sessions and see where it takes me. At the moment I am really enjoying the running.

Keep rocking guys!