How quickly do you lose endurance!

During the past two weeks I have steadily been building up the mileage with 26 miles done last week and 28 miles completed this week. Of course all runs are finished off with the obligatory partial squats. Runs for this week are below.
  • Sun - 10 miles pre breakfast 01:35:52
  • Tue - 5 miles fast run 39:31
  • Thu - 8 miles hill repeats 01:14:59
  • Fri - 5 miles recovery run 47:28
Physically and mentally I think I have adapted well to 4 runs per week with different running distances and intensity. We have the long run, a killer fast run, intense and fast (hill repeats) and a comfortably brisk run. Apart from calves that do require constant stretching the rest of the lower body has been recovering well.
Some runs are done before breakfast (I do get some strange looks from drivers at 5.30am) and some are done whenever I can schedule them in around domestic chores and spending time with the family.

Tonights run was a little different to previous weeks as one of my friends who is coming back to fitness wanted to come out tonight with me on my normal 5 mile run. It was a good chance to catchup and also I tend to do all my training on my own.
One thing that was interesting to see as we ticked the miles off was that as we jogged at a pace averaging 9 1/2 minute mile my friend was struggling with 3.5 miles gone. He hadn't been for a run of any distance for about 6 weeks and it was quite shocking to see how quickly your body can lose its endurance over a relatively short period of time.

On the other hand I was cruising at this pace and asked my friend if he minded (which he didn't) that I take off with 0.5 miles to go and push the pace to a sprint finishing off with 400 partial squats.

I think that tonights run was enjoyable as it allowed me to catchup with a friend but it also made me think that, as my training mileage gets longer and longer the risk of injury will rise and any significant time out would have an impact on losing my speed / endurance. Therefore its so important to listen to your body and keep it guessing to help build speed, endurance, strength and most important of all keep it flexible and supple using a pre / post stretching program.

Stepping up to 30+ miles a week next time so that should be fun as I haven't done that in months. Have a good weekend all!


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