Training update and Running Free Magazine

When I got back from my 8 mile run today it was the first time in 2 weeks that I actually felt good. Prior to this I have felt quite tired mainly due to a bad cold and hayfever symptons resulting in missing 2-3 training sessions. One thing I do not like is to miss a running session as keeping things consistent is very important for me both as a motivational tool and to keep improving the aerobic engine burning calories so that I can eat lots of great food.

However things seem to be getting back on track and with the North Downs 30k race next week I am visualizing about smashing my race target of finishing under 2hrs 30mins and with just over 6 weeks to Lakeland this will be a great confidence booster. Before this race I will also be purchasing new shoes and the rest of my equipment for L50. Yes I have left this late but I am not panicking just yet.

Some positive news though in the last 2 weeks is that I was kindly asked by Fiona Bugler, editor of "Running Free Magazine" to do an interview regarding my first ultra race "The 50 Mile Challenge" that I did last year for the "We Run" section of the magazine (page 34). Of course I jumped at the chance and I hope people enjoy it, if you don't then that's fine as well. For me it was a life transforming day and I haven't looked back since.

Check out the article if you fancy a read it's both online at "Running Free Magazine" or buy your own copy instore