Training update and Running Free Magazine

When I got back from my 8 mile run today it was the first time in 2 weeks that I actually felt good. Prior to this I have felt quite tired mainly due to a bad cold and hayfever symptons resulting in missing 2-3 training sessions. One thing I do not like is to miss a running session as keeping things consistent is very important for me both as a motivational tool and to keep improving the aerobic engine burning calories so that I can eat lots of great food.

However things seem to be getting back on track and with the North Downs 30k race next week I am visualizing about smashing my race target of finishing under 2hrs 30mins and with just over 6 weeks to Lakeland this will be a great confidence booster. Before this race I will also be purchasing new shoes and the rest of my equipment for L50. Yes I have left this late but I am not panicking just yet.

Some positive news though in the last 2 weeks is that I was kindly asked by Fiona Bugler, editor of "Running Free Magazine" to do an interview regarding my first ultra race "The 50 Mile Challenge" that I did last year for the "We Run" section of the magazine (page 34). Of course I jumped at the chance and I hope people enjoy it, if you don't then that's fine as well. For me it was a life transforming day and I haven't looked back since.

Check out the article if you fancy a read it's both online at "Running Free Magazine" or buy your own copy instore


  1. Great article Richard. Our ultra running careers aren't dissimilar as I ran the Kent 50mile challenge last year too. It was my 2nd ultra (did the marlborough downs challenge 2 months prior). I must have seen you at some point on the course! Can't believe your long run mileage prior to you doing it!! that takes a lot of self belief and determination. well done. it was a great event. my low was in the 7 lap, but i got over that whacked on metallica on the ipod and stormed the 8th lap running my fastest lap of the whole event. loved it.

  2. thanks also for tip off on the Running Free website. I knew of the magazine but didnt know there was a free to view online version! cool.

  3. No worries Stu I am pleased you enjoyed it. Some great memories. Definitely a lot of commonality in our journeys so maybe we will crossover at some point. No problems on the tip off it's great having a digital copy to view.

    One change from that though is that I have changed my ultra plans again and opted to do the Grimsthorpe 70 mile ultra on 23rd July. Got a free entry for it so I thought why not.



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