Words of Widsom from Arthur

"Your schedules are only for guidance.Study your reactions to training from day to day and if you feel jaded or suffer from any soreness allow time for recovery.

Never do speed training when your muscles are sore or you are feeling very tired.Just jog easily,irrespective of what is on the schedule for that day's training.

You can never do yourself any harm by jogging and it will usually help to overcome the soreness or tiredness.

Control your training so that you are not racing it,except when full efforts are called for in the schedules.Run strongly and easily in effort,always keeping something in reserve.As you feel improvement,gradually increase your training tempo but never use that reserve." 

Quote by Arthur Lydiard.

Scores on the Board

Last week marked the Oh well I didn't get into the London Marathon ballot for the 5th year running but I kind of knew that was going to happen and for that reason I am not disappointed. It's not meant to be at this moment of my running life.

Training wise things have been going very much in the direction I wanted to go. The last 4 weeks have been really effective and I am really seeing the benefits of running consistently. I am running 7 times a week more or less, the average pace has come down from 8:50 to 8:20 minute miles yet my HR is always between 140-155.

On the flip side I am probably not getting enough sleep (going to bed far too late), not quite averaging the minimum 7 hours of running I had targeted each week yet but that will come I'm sure plus the majority of my runs have to be before I go to work. So that's these are areas to focus on for the next few weeks / months.

This weeks goal is to get to an average of 1 hour per day running and to continue to build on the consistency I am getting into. Yesterday delivered another boost as I checked my stats coming back off a 6 mile run and was surprised to see that my HR was averaging 145 bpm (excluding the warm up mile) and yet the last 4 miles were all sub 8 min/miles. I knew I felt good all run but not that good. 

I'm feeling really good about things as you can see and I am now thinking about what goals I want to have in the spring. Should I go for a marathon, ultras I really don't know but by the time I decide i know I am going to be in fantastic shape.

Mon 8
         6 miles, 48:17, 8:03 pace, HR 145
Tue 9
         4.75 miles. 39:22. 8:18 pace, HR 151