The Deep Freeze has gone!

February is almost over, air temperatures are rising, the birds are singing, spring is around the corner and my whole life seems to be getting busier!

Training has gone fairly well so far in February although I have missed a 50% of my sessions (due to a friends stag do, business travel, freakish weather and general domestic stuff going on) but I am feeling stronger and faster than at anytime in the last 2 years since I took up running! Enough of the excuses here are the numbers for February so far:

16 sessions (6 completed, 8 missed, 2 remaining)
83 miles (projected 100 miles for end of February)
11 hours 45 mins (projected 14 hours 15 mins for end of February)

I have managed at least two 20 mile long runs and 18 miler also. These have really helped with the short distance training (7-10 miles).
Coupled with this my racing schedule has suddenly become more packed with some fun stuff. I have another 2 confirmed races in the schedule (one of which is more a challenge in the Peak District) plus I am still tempted to do a 50+ mile race after the Lakeland event. If I take this race easy then the possibility of doing a longer race in August-October is definitely on the cards, hold on did I say I would take a 50 mile, 3100m ascent/descent race easy!

With only three weeks to go until the Brentwood half marathon and 4 weeks until the Brighton Trail 27 mile race I am feeling confident that I can finish both races really strong. Then I will be looking forward to getting up to the Lake District over the Easter Weekend for a long run to explore this great place and hopefully some of the course I will running during the Lakeland 50.

Last of all I must also mention some great people I have been speaking to over the last weeks and months and you should definitely check out their websites/blogs as they have helped support and inspire me.

Mark Cooper - Is going to run 50 marathons in 56 days across Europe!

Jonathan Hall - Running 5 ultra marathons on 4 continents in 12 months!

Kate Percy - Author of Go Faster Food, nutrition and recipes for runners, triathletes, rowers and swimmers

cheers, Rich

A Good Start

Well we are well into February now and I must say I am getting more excited and focused on the challenges ahead over the next few months.

January was a good start to the year although in the past couple of weeks I have struggled to balance my running with work as I have had to travel somewhat! This combiend with the snow/ice has also meant not doing hill repeats as I didn't want to risk breaking a leg if I fell on the way down.

Here are the numbers for January:

109 miles
17h 38min
3 sessions missed

Over the last 3-4 months I have seen my training progress beyond anything I have done previously. The confidence I now have in my physical and mental approach has meant that 10-12 miles feel very comfortable. 3 months ago I would of struggled to do these distances at a decent pace. Looking forward I hope that the snow and ice have now gone for good and that weather will hopefully warm up a fair bit.

In the last 2 weeks my long runs have been 18 and 20 miles respectively. Hopefully I will be logging 2 more long runs in the 20-25 mile range before the Brighton Trail marathon. There are only 7 weeks until this. Cannot wait as the course has a lot of big hills.

Also I have a special challenge coming up but no details to be revealed as of yet except it will hopefully be a lot of fun with a great bunch of people!

In the meantime I must get out there this week and get back into the hill repeats. No excuses now!