2010 events plan

Well it has been 3 weeks since we entered a new decade and the year 2010. I hope you all are still feeling motivated and focused on your goals for this year.

After much thought I have drawn up a list of races that I am provisionally putting on the roadmap for this year to compete in.

2010 looks like this so far.

28 Mar - Brighton Trail marathon - 27mi
09 May - Halstead marathon - 26.2mi
13 Jun - Southend Half marathon - 13.1mi
23 Jul - Lakeland 50 - 50mi
28 Aug - Ridgeway Challenge 85 - 85mi
09 Oct - Caesars Endurance Camp 50/100 - 50mi

There are some great testing races in here to say the least and entry to some of these races will very much depend on my recovery.

Entry to the Ridgeway challenge will depend solely on whether I can recover from the Lakeland 50 in time. I am not thinking about that now as I don't want to spoil the thought of takng part in that awesome challenge.

Looking at this schedule I am maybe asking a lot myself physically and mentally as it a huge leap from last year in terms of both number of races and miles covered. This has solely come from the belief I now have in running both from a physical standpoint but more importantly mental one. Both of which have been revolutionised from the amazing training experience I am getting with Mad Dog Mike. I will talk about him much more in future blog posts.

Well that's the my lot for now I am off out for a 10 mile run in the dark streets of Essex.


  1. Good luck with your running, Richard, and make sure you eat lots of good food to keep up your energy! Look forward to hearing about your progress...Kate

  2. Hi Kate

    Thanks for taking an interest in the the site.

    Always looking for a good recipe as I love all kinds of food! Will need plenty of it as you say to keep the body going :-)




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