Running in the Snow!

Well what a week it has been for the UK with regards to the weather. I know us Brits always talk about the weather but it has been the worst snowfall in 50 years and with 100's of schools, businesses, flights and transport services affected we are being told that the temperatures/conditions are here to stay for the next week or so. I'm sure we will talk about it some more now :-)

The snow has transformed the landscape (in my opinion for the better) and it is a joy to look at. With this in mind though it has been very challenging running on the pavements/roads in order get some mileage done especially as there is an increased risk of injury due to the ice.

There is always a risk of falling over so hill repeats training is out the window. I have switched to my Roclite 315 trail shoes that are lower in the heel, have deeper treads and much better stability for the ankles all of which is crucial in these weather conditions. Stride length is shorter and running intensity has also been reduced to lower the risk of getting injured.
  • 41 miles completed since 2nd January
  • Longest training week completed yet - 36 miles
  • 10% of mileage covered in Vibram Fivefingers
  • Shortest run - 5 miles 48:36
  • Longest run - 13 miles 01:59:59
The tigtness in the calves has reduced over the last week and each run is feeling easier however with the conditions as they are I am taking care not to increase the intensity of the runs at the moment. 14 mile long run is still on for tomorrow although more snow is predicted to fall during the day so that will make the run interetsting. Will have to wrap up warm as it will be 2hrs+ out there.

Hope you have all have been getting out there during this time. Its better to get the mileage in at a reduced pace then not at all. Keep safe out there.



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