Scores on the Board

Last week marked the Oh well I didn't get into the London Marathon ballot for the 5th year running but I kind of knew that was going to happen and for that reason I am not disappointed. It's not meant to be at this moment of my running life.

Training wise things have been going very much in the direction I wanted to go. The last 4 weeks have been really effective and I am really seeing the benefits of running consistently. I am running 7 times a week more or less, the average pace has come down from 8:50 to 8:20 minute miles yet my HR is always between 140-155.

On the flip side I am probably not getting enough sleep (going to bed far too late), not quite averaging the minimum 7 hours of running I had targeted each week yet but that will come I'm sure plus the majority of my runs have to be before I go to work. So that's these are areas to focus on for the next few weeks / months.

This weeks goal is to get to an average of 1 hour per day running and to continue to build on the consistency I am getting into. Yesterday delivered another boost as I checked my stats coming back off a 6 mile run and was surprised to see that my HR was averaging 145 bpm (excluding the warm up mile) and yet the last 4 miles were all sub 8 min/miles. I knew I felt good all run but not that good. 

I'm feeling really good about things as you can see and I am now thinking about what goals I want to have in the spring. Should I go for a marathon, ultras I really don't know but by the time I decide i know I am going to be in fantastic shape.

Mon 8
         6 miles, 48:17, 8:03 pace, HR 145
Tue 9
         4.75 miles. 39:22. 8:18 pace, HR 151

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