Good Fortune & Fat Feet

Don't you just love it when good fortune shows up when you least expect it too.

Now I know that most of you are privy to using Facebook on a regular but to actually win something for free through the site is probably a rarity. A few weeks ago I added to my illustrious list of friends a company called Fat Feet Blisters. The company organise some great physically challenging running events located in some pretty spectacular settings right here in the UK. At the beginning of the week they launched a new promotion on Facebook by giving away a "Free Entry" once a month to anyone of their events. The process is simple and is described right here on their blog -

The first question of the month was - The "Marathon" legend is that of a Greek solider running from the battle of marathon to Athens but what was the name of the Greek solider who ran the distance?
The correct answer as most of you know is "Pheidippides".  

Amazingly enough I was randomly picked out to win a free entry to one of their events! I couldn't quite believe it to be honest when I received a congratluatory email. Now I'd already read about their events and unfortunately my first pick The Grimsthorpe Ultra 70 was being held on the same day as the Lakeland 50 race that I had already booked. So I will more than likely enter the Rutland Water Marathon  that is being held in November.

I just want to say thanks again to Fat Feet for picking me out of the hat. Now to everyone who reads this blog go and check out their website as they really do have some cracking events lined up. See you next time.

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