April has ended!

Well April has been a successful month on the training front and here is a quick tally of the numbers.

April Totals:
-Miles: 185
-Hours: 27hrs 31mins
-Sessions: 20

For me this has been the most successful month I have had since taking up running 2 years ago. I set the bar at 200 miles for this month and knew that figure would be tough to hit but overall I am very pleased with what I have achieved. When I look back to where things were a year ago I am still amazed at how much progress has been made.

I have certainly enjoyed my running this past month. Since switching to trails from the road my body has certainly benefited on the recovery front and I have definitely found that the off-road experience has a meditative effect and I have even ditched the Ipod on 99% of my runs this month. Even with the increase in mileage volume I have managed to balance successfully domestic life, this for me is a massive plus.

I am really looking forward to this month and with the summer around the corner my thoughts are starting to focus firmly towards the races this summer however with plenty of gear yet to buy it's certainly going to be an expensive couple of months!

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