Adidas Thunder Run 24 - only days away

The Adidas Thunder run 24-hour is now just three days away. It will surely be a unique occasion due to the numbers of solo runners, pairs and teams that I heard enter.

When colleagues at work or friends have asked me about how this race works I simply say, you have 24 hours to cover as much mileage as possible in the form of 10km loops. This format is something I am used to as most of my previous races have worked liked this. My goals in this race are:

1) Finish
2) Complete 100+ miles
3) Finish in top 30% of solo runners

My approach to this race is based on what I have read, heard from others and what I have come to realize during long runs is to focus only on what I am doing and not be dragged into other runners game plans. There will be so many runners on course doing their own thing and it's important that I just focus on what I am doing especially in the first half of this race where a lot of people will be going out very quickly especially within the team races.

During the last two weeks I have tapered down and the positive news is that all niggles / muscles feel supercharged compared to normal weeks. I have only been out once this week on Tuesday and did an easy 4 mile jog. As of today, the forecast for Saturday is looking quite warm with temperatures peaking 23C and on Sunday around 20C so appropriate apparel will be needed to keep cool and a solid hydration strategy especially early on in the race.

This will be my last post until the race and I am very much looking forward to what should be the most exciting and challenging ultra race to date for me. I wish all the runners taking part the best of luck and also to any other runners racing this weekend.

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