Weekly Summary: Sept 12/09 - 18/09 - Keeping it easy

Running Breakdown

Mon - 7 miles easy
Tue - 7 miles easy
Wed - a.m. 3 miles easy / p.m. 5 miles Tempo
Thu - 4 miles easy
Fri - a.m. 3 miles easy / p.m. 6 miles easy
Sat - 8 miles easy
Sun - 12 miles steady

Total for the week - 55 miles

Not much to report this week other than that I am pleased to notch up another 7 days of running without too much of a problem. I was feeling slight fatigue at the beginning of the week however I backed off and ran easy. I felt good again by the middle of the week and threw in a tempo effort and also on saturday during the driving rain despite it mainly being an easy run the body just felt good so I threw in some tempo miles (7.15 min/mile pace for this slow horse).

Of course looking at the running I did this week there aren't too many hard workouts or long runs but that's mainly because I'm focusing on becoming a stronger runner over the long term and without a solid base I won't be able to handle the hard / fast workouts to come. This means in effect just getting out there every day and running whilst listening and responding to the body i.e. when to back off. I will throw in some longer runs as the mileage builds and of course a tempo workout here and there over the coming weeks.

I might change my mind of course and throw some short races if the right opportunity comes along, after all racing is what makes that heart pump faster, the adrenaline pumping and gives you a feeling no training session can provide but I will try not to act on thoughts like this.

I leave you with an inspiring performance from my running hero of the moment. If only I could run like this :-)

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  1. good mindset richard.

    outstanding video as well. ah, if only i could run like that!!


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