So where to next..

The sun is shining the rain has gone and it suddenly feels like summer is almost here yet I haven't stepped foot outside the door for a run since Sundays marathon.

I deliberately planned in 4 days of nothing but eating loads, sleep lots (I wish) and reflect on what was a very satisfying performance. It's the first time I planned in some proper downtime and I think it has really helped me mentally as well as physically. Although I was a little surprised to find that my calves, hamstrings and ankles felt absolutely normal on Monday my quads more than made up for it. Going downstairs wasn't straightforward but it wasn't so painful I had to sit down. The DOM's resided mostly after the third day and by today my legs feel like they did shortly before the race.

I was meaning to get out for a short run today but didn't wake up in time this morning (better stop that right now) but I'm sure the extra day won't harm anyway. Well the question most people are asking me is what's next on the schedule. To be honest I haven't made my mind up. Of course it would be great to target a faster marathon, sub 3:10 is definitely a good stretch goal on a flat marathon course and there are plenty to choose from in September/October. The thought of racing a shorter ultra is good as well and there are some possibilities early summer. Either way I need to work out my next training cycle and decide soon what challenge to set.

In the meantime I cannot wait to get out running in the sunshine. Bring on Summer.

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