Ticking along

Well it's been another dismal start to the Premier league football season for my team West Ham United and although I hope things turn around quickly the writing seems to be on the wall based on their performance that we are in for a very long and drawn out season.

Training wise things have going along nicely and during the past few weeks I seem to have found some fitness again. Resting heart rate has plummeted to on average 41, pace of easy runs is around 8:15-8:30 while the HR has been averaging in the low 140's. Mileage wise things have crept up to the low 50's per week and although the legs still need some but I have introduced some harder sessions that the legs seem to be coping with quite nicely.

So with just under 9 weeks to go until Chelmsford Marathon everything seems to be going in the right direction. Being off work has made time management that much easier and of course getting some longer runs in without feeling like a zombie for the whole day is always a plus :-)

So with training going in the right direction getting some sharpening races including 10k and half-marathons booked in would be very useful but finding races close to home and on the right days according to my scheduling is proving difficult. Never the less I am determined to chop another chunk of time off my Marathon PB before focusing next year on ultras.

With that in mind I already need to start putting a structure around races for next year as entries have already opened for a lot of races and they do sell out super fast. Not sure what races I will be entering but aiming for having four key races next year is definitely something I want to have on the calendar.

Fri 15 Aug
     15 miles - 1:58:23 (8 miles @7:40) -, 7:53 pace, avg HR 161

Sat 16 Aug
    7 miles - 59:31, 8:31 pace, avg HR 142

Sun 17 Aug
    6.5 miles - 57:05, 8.47 pace, avg HR 140

Mon 18 Aug
   4.5 miles - 38:30, 8:34 pace avg HR 137

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