36 Days Of Rest

Hi everybody it has been 36 days since my last run.

During that time I have gone from feeling deflated, angry, hopeful, accepting, calm, excited, surprised, self-pitying, stubborn and a whole host of other emotions that quite frankly have made this period of non running extremely challenging in ways that make me feel like I am battling some sort of addiction.

OK..so addict is strong word and I cannot compare what the last 5 weeks have been like to someone who faces real "life" issues. It's funny though because as the weeks have gone by the mental need to run is not burning strong, it feels almost dormant, like a volcano that is asleep. Despite the desire to to run bubbling underneath the surface the actual act is not forthcoming. Also of note is that actual running is going to be tough and a little scary due to the fitness lost with each passing day.

Some people have said why have I not done any cross training to maintain that fitness and to be frank but I haven't wanted too which is not like me to be honest. The desire is just not there full stop. Perhaps though it's just simply I do not find enjoyment in cross training despite the benefits it may have. So perhaps due to this I have used this period of downtime as "recharging the body" if want for a better phrase.

Don't get me wrong I love running and exercise but sometimes we get so caught up in our training and racing experiences that we forget to re-balance things. No matter who you are everyone needs rest. This is all relative to the individual but I see this time I have had as nothing more than a lesson to remember that no runner is invincible. Whether you are a elite, hobbyist, run streaker etc everyone must find time to rest (whatever that phrase means to you) before you get to thinking you are invincible because the second you do then you are addicted and you ignore the signs and other stresses around you telling you loudly that your are not listening. Rest before your body let's you know that you didn't listen i.e. INJURY!!!!

This week has been a good week and with the strength work I have done it's probably fair to say that I am reaching the end of this chapter once I visit the physio on Tuesday. So tomorrow I am getting back in the gym to start on some body strength work over the winter and with the potential to start running some time this week once again there is optimism that this Volcano will wake up!

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