Taking on the Ridgeway 85 Ultra

Well I finally did something this week that I had been pondering for sometime I sent off my completed entry form for the Ridgeway 85 mile ultra.

This 85 mile event is run along a 5000 year old trackway (Ridgeway national trail) through the Chiltern Hills and North Wessex Downs (along Grim’s Ditch for several miles), Barbury Castle and Liddington Castle (hill forts) are en route and with 9,000 feet of ascent (2731m) it surely will be a formidable challenge.

This event takes place over the weekend of 28th and 29th August (Bank Holiday) and it has been given a very good write up both from an organisation standpoint and personal challenge. A fellow ultra runner I know (Johnny Hall) also completed the race last year and he said it really is a race you must do. Given that this race is a little over 5 weeks after the Lakeland 50 mile event I am nervous about recovering sufficiently to take this on. However at the moment my first task will be to log some serious mileage over the next 3-4 months as I will be looking to finish this race under 24 hours.

I still haven't given up hope yet of maybe booking up one more ultra race this year, it will most likely be the 50 or 100 mile race at Caesars Camp although you never know what might happen! I will also be setting up shortly my charity sponsorship page very shortly for a very worth cause so please watch this space for more details.

As for now I am looking to get to bed as I am out early doors for a long run tomorrow! So need to go and get the Camelbak ready. Gotta get the miles in!

Happy Running! ~RS


  1. You and me both Richard, see you there :-)

  2. Excellent Jerry! Hope your upcoming track race goes well!


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