Build up & Race again

Things have been pretty quiet for me the past month (so this post will be short) as I have been re-evaluating what I am going to do now that my BGR attempt has been sidelined for another time and the continuing problem of the pain in my butt!

Thankfully over the last 4 weeks I have been able to manage this problem with some strengthening and stretching exercises which has positively improved the situation to the point that I can run without any pain. This has allowed me to build up some consistent weeks of running and although the mileage has not been high (in the mid 40's) my fitness and general well being has improved enough to think about getting out there and race again as it's been far to long.

So I have booked up a couple of local races over the next month or so as a good way of keeping some speed work into my training and hopefully set some PB's in the process. Of course I still want to fill in the gaps with some marathons and ultras and I am very close to booking these. I will hopefully confirm next time the revised plan for the year.

I received my new Brooks Green Silence today. I am looking to race in these awesome shoes in 2 weeks time at the Great Baddow 10 mile race and one day hopefully in the future in marathons/ultras. However I am going to be patient here, get used to them for shorter runs and build up slowly from there.

Other than that it's just a case of getting out the door and enjoying the injury free running especially now that the mornings are lighter and the evenings longer. I just cannot wait for summer to be here so that I can head out any time of day and not need the tights or jacket! I just love the summer...

Happy Running all.

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