Here comes the Thunder

Well again it's been some time since I last posted and things have been quite a lot on both the running and domestic front.

First of all I dropped out of both the 10 mile race and half marathon I entered. The main reasons for this are related to domestic events. At the time my reason for entering these races was driven by the thought that my chances of taking part in any ultras for the next few months had passed due to a lack of training caused by injury. However upon reflection I think it was more a lack of positive self-belief that drove my decision making process and I simply blamed my injury for making the choices that I did.

Since then I contained my injury and realized that my fitness was coming back with each week that passed. As my confidence grew out of this consistency I started looking again for some 50 milers and possibly some 50k's leading up to them. I don't feel that this is the year for a 100 miler attempt despite my statements earlier in the year due to the facts that I need more experience at the 50 mile / 100km distance to not only build legs of steel but also to develop the mental body armour required to deal with being on my feet for such a long time so this will more than likely be a 2012 goal.

Having not found any 50 milers within the next 2-3 months that fitted with my schedule I had heard through a friend about the Adidas Thunder run 24hr off-road event that takes place on 30-31 July. I thought to myself that this is a major challenge and not to be taken lightly especially with my experience. However for some reason I didn't think negatively about this as opposed to a 100 miler and so I gave into my desire to get out there and take things to the next level. I discussed it with my wife briefly and I clicked the entered the event as a Solo runner. Gulp.

Now of course the aim is simple in these as you have to complete as many laps as possible within the 24hr time limit. The distance of the loop is 10km and it's not only to solo runners but also pairs and relay teams of competitors. The event organisers are putting on extensive food / water etc however I will mostly bring my own stuff and a tent as well to store things right by the course. I believe solo runners get priority on this as well so that's a bonus.

It is now only 7 weeks to go and I have put together a loose "peak training" schedule so that I arrive in the best condition I possibly can both mentally and physically. I started today with a great 25 miler today off-road with partial squats to finish although I have to say I didn't eat a thing (not even breakfast), oops. I was out there for 4 hours today and I am happy with that but I think a few longer runs than this during June are needed plus potentially a night run during the hours of 10pm - 6am, time on feet and practising the exactly what I will do on race day are paramount.

Ultimately I have been trying to absorb a lot of information regarding race strategy. As always though there are many different approaches but for me the key things are

1) Keep to race pace as long as possible,
2) Keep listening to the body and fuel / hydrate appropriately
3) Keep positive in your approach to the race but change if it's not working.

If anyone has any advice or thoughts they want to share then I would appreciate it. This next 7 weeks are going to be tough but I know at the end of it I will be in the best shape yet for a race.


  1. Maybe worth reading Disco stu`s Thunder Run report -

    I shall be there as a team of mixed 5.

  2. My race report from last year

    A great event the course is nothing taxing but a nice enough degree of variation to keep it interesting. Because of the loop easy to stay on top of food , drink etc


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