North Downs 100 miler - I am in

It was over in a matter of seconds...I clicked on the payment confirmation received..

I am now in the Centurion North Downs 100 mile race on August 11th!

Although it is some months away the next 4-5 months training will be absolutely key in building up to the event. I haven't looked at constructing a long term training plan yet but the framework is already there.

The key runs will be the "time on feet" long runs and I intend to enter some build up events to support that as well as the normal weekend runs some of which will entail getting familiar with the course location both during the day and hopefully during the evening.

I have done a 70 mile run before but I know that 100's don't really start until mile 80 and this is a whole
different ball game both physically and mentally so any advice / suggestions are always welcome.

Details of the event can be found here if you are interested. I have heard only positive things about James Elson the race director so I am very much looking forward to seeing him at the finish for the coveted belt buckle, I hope :0)

The journey has started.


  1. Hi Richard

    Sounds awesome! Good luck with your training mate. Just make sure you feel good at 60 miles then you'll have it in the bag!!

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