Time for some racing

My February totals:
  • 2012 total; 176.2 miles; 24 hrs 38 mins; 22 runs
  • 2011 total; 135 miles; 20 hrs 18 mins; 19 runs
  • Difference 41 miles ; 4hrs 20 mins; 3 runs

It seems like finally I have got back into the swing of training and looking at the stats above I was quite surprised to find that things are going in the right direction as I am pushing up my overall mileage month on month. Not that these numbers are that important as there is no value really in having a pretty training log however it does show that I am getting out the door more frequently.

All in all things are going very well at the moment and with 2 weeks to go until my first race I believe I will smash my half marathon PB. During the past month I have already done some great long tempo runs of 1hr 43 mins 3 weeks ago and a 1hr 40 mins effort for 13 miles yesterday. My official 1/2 marathon PB was set 2 years ago at 1hr 49 mins so it's very soft but that's mainly because I haven't raced the distance at all.

I am mindful though that the week after the 1/2 marathon I have a FatAss 42 mile coastal run and that will be my first big day out for some time so I won't be going out 100% maybe only 90 :0)

I believe getting out the door regularly the past 6-7 weeks since my injury is showing in my fitness currently and I only hope that with smart training and remaining in good health I can build on this as the year develops. The main priority for this year is to keep injury free but also to finish my first 100 miler.

Yes I am going to be doing the Centurion North Downs 100 mile race in August. I have decided to upgrade my 50 mile entry to the 100 mile mainly because it has to be done. This is my A race for the year therefore any other race will be treated as either a build up or fun run. Although saying that I know on race day the feeling to go out hard and run my butt off will always be attractive.

So here's to running long and having some fun racing, the year is finally about to start.

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