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Well things have changed a whole bunch in the last week since my sports massage. It seems that the physio didn't identify nor treat a secondary problem on my leg. WTF!!

I had felt both pain in my shin and in the back of the calf previously which had been tackled however what had been masked was pain in my peroneal tendons on the side of my leg. This manifested itself by Monday this week and I could tell that there was some resistance in my calf from stretching out the ankle as it was god awful tight. With this I decided it best to try and get this looked at again as I know from leaving it during the first week these things don't resolve themselves.

I managed to book in for a last minute appointment on Tuesday with a physio local to me who I have used before. After talking with him for 10 minutes about the last 2 weeks he performed some tests on my legs he could tell that this issue had been overlooked. He said that the other problems had pretty much been resolved in my shin and back of my calf so that was good news .

Still he explained that it might still be at least 1-2 weeks before I could go for a run due to this peroneal muscle issue. In rushing back from a calf injury I could relapse quite quickly due to the amount of stress the calves go through during running.

I didn't expect to react the way I did but I calmly accepted that this, how could I not my leg was screwed still.. He advised also to not even deliberately stretch the leg out over the next week and to just let it heal. After a couple days of mild soreness my leg feels 100% improved.

I have a follow appointment booked in for Tuesday next week where some more work will be done on the leg and then a plan put in place to get back to running. I fully expect to be doing this in November. I hope for the sake of my physio and family it's sooner rather than later as I have been a little grumpy :-)


  1. I think I know now why I don't do physios...

  2. I agree to a certain extent Thomas. I made a mistake in rushing into getting an appointment with an unknown. Lesson learnt :-)


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