It's been a long week and even longer one without the ability to run at all.

After the disappointment of not racing at Chelmsford I have pretty much focused 100% on getting the calf back to 100% normal. The obvious answer is that I should book a sports massage but where ever I tried locally the answer was about 7 days wait. The pain in my calf was bad enough that I couldn't wait that long.

Fortunately a work friend told me about a walk in centre around the corner to our building so I walked into the place yesterday morning and straight away I got lucky with an immediate appointment at lunchtime for 60 minutes.  After arriving back at lunchtime I explained to the physio what was wrong, no problem he said!

Well what can I say the pain emanating from my leg was bordering on excruciating..I clenched my teeth more than once and I just wanted it to be over as quickly as possible. Doesn't sound good right then again I don't think you can enjoy the pain.

After 60 minutes of smashing my legs to pieces I felt light, relaxed. After sitting up the physio advised me to ice and soak the leg for the next day or so and then after 3-5 days do a short very easy run to see how it feels. As soon as put my foot on the floor I could immediately tell my leg was in much much better shape. Hallejuah!!

I often think about booking in a sports massage regularly but these are always a luxury however with my "Beast" roller I am sure that I won't repeat the same mistakes twice. I am looking forward to just plodding along my local park trails and then start building up for next year.

It's so true you don't know what your missing until you lose it. OK OK it's only been nearly 2 weeks of no running so I should stop being dramatic!

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